USTM observed 1st International Day of Light

Talk on Shaping a Beam of Light by Prof Boruah, IITG

9th Mile, Techno City, Khanapara, 16 May 2018: The 1st International Day of Light was observed here today with an in depth talk on “Shaping a Beam of Light” delivered by Prof. Bosanta Ranjan Boruah, Department of Physics, IIT Guwahati. The talk was organized by the Department f Physics, University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya in association with UNESCO and OSI.

Addressing 200 Physics students at a packed Dr Nirmal Kumar Choudhury Auditorium at USTM, Prof Bosanta Ranjan Boruah said that light has much significance in every sphere of life. Making a power point presentation on how to shape a beam of light, he said that there is difference between ordinary beam of light and laser beam. In ordinary beam, light spread off while in laser beam light gets concentrated in one point. One can event send laser beam to the Moon, he added.

Speaking on the extra-ordinary properties of laser beam, the IITG Professor said that laser beam can be utilized in many applications, including medical use and for industrial development. He also explained to the students the difference between 2D and 3d images formed by light. The talk ended with an interactive session between Prof. Boruah and the Physics students of USTM.

Earlier, welcoming the participants, Dr RK Sharma, Vice Chancellor of USTM deliberated in brief on the importance of holding the International Day of Light. Dr Alaka, Sharma, Pro Vice Chancellor of USTM was also present on the occasion and addressed the students.

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