World Telecommunication and Information society Day Observed by USTM


9th Mile, USTM, 17 May, 2018: World Telecommunication and Information society Day was organised today by the Department of Computer Science & Electronics, USTM to raise awareness about how Artificial Intelligence is being used widely in the telecom sector. The theme of the event was, "Enabling the positive use of Artificial Intelligence for All".

Dr. P K Das, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Guwahati delivered a talk on the occasion. He enlightened the students with new phase of technology that will pace way for the digital revolution.

Professor Das explained about computer vision in regard to capturing images and subsequent recognition and storage of the patterns of images. The different applications of computer vision which includes image processing, computer graphics, pattern recognition, robotics, artificial intelligence were highlighted in his talk with different examples.

Earlier, the welcome speech was delivered by Vice Chancellor of USTM Dr. R K Sharma. The event was also participated by Dr. Ajmal Barbhuiya, Academic Registrar, USTM.

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