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In the path of progress: Keeping at par with “Mission 2025”, Mahbubul Hoque has charted out the framework of various other projects that are under progress.


 Mahbubul Hoque has a strong determination to continue his mission of spreading Education to every nook & corner of the region. Institution building and entrepreneurship are the key-words of his Mission 2025. In an era filled with unlimited information and knowledge, it is important that students are able to assimilate the information they receive and be able to integrate it to inspire productive outcomes. Unfortunately, learning is equated with the accumulation of knowledge rather than the understanding of knowledge. In the corporate world of today, it is essential to foster the ability to understand and integrate learning into our daily experience. And this ability to integrate or internalize the knowledge acquired would ultimately create leadership amongst the students. Hence he has laid the framework for few milestones to be achieved in 2025 : 10 more CBSE affiliated schools in rural backward places of North East region, 5 B. Ed. Colleges, Medical College & Hospital with all allied health colleges, one Educational TV Channel, one Newspaper each in English and Bengali emphasizing education. To materialize all plans ERDF will collaborate with likeminded persons and organizations for speedy implementation.
Mahbubul Hoque have charted out a road map for USTM - “Mission Bronze” to make USTM a top university in the East by 2020, “Mission Silver”-to become one of the top universities in the country by 2025 and “Mission Gold”- to become one of the world class universities by 2030.
He has a mission to streamline whole education system under one roof to make it hassle free for students and parents where aspirants can get exposure, motivation and guidance so that they can easily get the reply of question What to Do and WHAT NEXT….?

His vision reflects here :

Inspiring Talents to Ignite Minds
Synergizing Ideas to Transform Lives
Stimulating Innovations to Explore Opportunities
Instilling Endless effort to Create a Destination
Following Footsteps of World-Class Institutions
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