Kriti Sylheti Samman to Mahbubul Hoque

25th April, 2017, USTM : On the august day of 23rd April, 2017, Sh. Mahbubul Hoque, Chancellor, USTM & Chairman, ERDF had been conferred with the honour of “KRITI SYLHETI” at a gala ceremony held at Shilpagram Muktangan Guwahati. It was conceived as a token of recognition of his endless contribution for the development of NE Region through education, for bringing a change in the lives of rural people through education, for his journey from rags to riches, still clinging on to Sylheti culture and language.
The ceremony was attended by other dignitaries like Mr. Manas Choudhury, former minister, Education, Govt. of Meghalaya, Sh. Kanak Sen Deka, President, Asom Sahitya Sabha, Prof. Amalendu Chakrabarty, Dean, Gauhati University, Smt. Krishna Das, President, All india Srihatta Sammelan. “This samelan or congregation we may say, is being arranged every year to make an effort to preserve the sylheti culture and language, to exchange ideas and above all to make all Sylheti people united and stay connected and integrated through this platform”- explained Dr. Bibhas Chandra Das Purkayastha.
While felicitating with the honour of “Kriti Sylheti” by Dr. Purkayastha & Sh. Manoj Nandi Majumder, General Secretary, Sylheti Sammelan, Guwahati, Sh. Majumder stated “ this is a great privilege for us that we have chosen an extraordinarily exceptional personality, edupreneur like Sh. Hoque who had devoted the entire life for the cause of education and spreading education to the farthest corner of NE region. This honour is an attempt to assert once more to the people of North East that he is the Messiah of this region”. He added “ we must say that Mr. Hoque is such a rare personality, his ideology, his vision, his workings not just influence but instigate all of us, specially the future generation of this country, he is a pathfinder”. This award is also an attempt to accelerate the tempo of his tireless attempt to empower society through education, to change lives and achieve dreams – stated Dr. Purkayastha. While Sh. Hoque expressed his gratitude to the organisers and also emphasized ” I will leave no stone unturned to achieve my goal, and that there is no alternative for hard work, dedication and honest commitment. I am grateful that the Sylheti Sammelan Guwhati that they had recognized my endeavour, I will never say that my endeavour successful, but I would definitely say that I aspire to be successful and we are in the path of progress”.