Thai Delegates visits USTM

A team of Delegates on invitation by the International Secretary-General, Council for Teacher Education, and Dean of School of Social Science & Humanities & Academic Adviser PQH School of Education, Prof. Nilima Bhagabati visited USTM on the 2nd. February 2016.
The Thai Delegates were given a rousing welcome by the Hon’ble Chancellor USTM, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Dr. PG Rao, and Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. RK Sarma, Faculty members of various schools, and Students. In the brief Introduction session, Prof. Nilima Bhagabati introduced and welcomed the Delegates and the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor addressed the Delegates and audience. Prof RK Sarma and Dr. Irom Gambhir Singh, National Zonal Vice President, CTE also addressed the gathering.
The Thai Delegates Dr. Chalong Suktong and Dr. Thanasak Audsavachulamanee from Surindra Rajabhat University, Surin, Thailand, gave their presentations and followed by interactions on Thai Education and Culture. Mr. Chaowalit Bunyaphusit, PRO, Ministry of Finance, Thailand, gave a presentation on Communication to the communities by Govt. of Thailand and Mr. Chalerm Suktong gave a presentation on Reaching communities to promote indigenous products in Thailand followed by lively interactions by students and faculty members.
The Thai Delegates expressed their deep satisfaction with their visit and interaction. Their visit has laid the foundation for future collaborative academic works, Research, and projects between USTM and Thailand.

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