Brigradier Ranjit Borthakur, ex- chairman of APSC joined ERDF

4th July, 2017, ERDF, Guwahati : This was an ecstatic moment for Education Research and Development Foundation when Brig. Ranjit Borthakur , Ex-Chairman(i/c), Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) had joined ERDF as Director at Directorate of Competitive Examinations and Placement, ERDF. While welcoming Brig Borthakur in the ERDF Family and felicitating him with a token of love and respect, Mr. Mahbubul Hoque, Chairman, ERDF was highly optimistic about the fact that Brig. Borthakur would be instrumental in bringing a new look into the policy of ERD Foundation : ‘ Education Research Development Foundation Guwahati has set a goal that our University of Science & Technology Meghalaya will clinch a position as one of the world-class universities by 2030 and to achieve that goal ERDF will leave no stone unturned to excel particularly in the field of research activities, innovations and entrepreneurship. And for that matter, we are keen to have more and more experts from diverse fields. Brigradier Borthakur has proved his excellence as an Army Man conducting several successful operations in the border areas of North East and maintaining internal security of the country. His expertise as a good administrator will bring about a new look in the educational policy of ERDF”, Mr. Hoque emphasized.
In an exclusive press brief at ERDF Bhawan, Brig. Ranjit Borthakur stated “This is going to be another challenge for me, I have served almost 35 years in Indian Army and had faced many challenging situations, defence crisis at the border areas, security threat by external forces etc. But this time my job would be more of an educationist, social activist and thus bringing the backward rural people of North East into light of education”. He further stated “I always wanted to work towards making a successful strategic planning for human resource development in the North East Region and for that matter USTM and the institutions running under ERDF are contributing a lot towards that end. My association with ERD Foundation would obviously help me involve more actively in this process”.
He has been appointed by the foundation to look after the competitive examination, mobilizing employee organization for the placement of the outgoing students of the ERD Foundation, especially RIST and USTM. Mr Borthakur will also look after collaborations with international organizations, specially with university and research organizations. Being a man of army, Brigadier borthakur will also be contributing in the general administration of the university.