India Got Independence ! the real freedom of the people a far cry – Mahbubul Hoque, Chancellor, USTM & Chairman, ERDF

August 16, 2017, USTM, Meghalaya : The 71st Independence Day was celebrated at Techno city campus, University of Science and Technology Meghalaya, with a solemn resolve and that is to work for the real freedom of the people, the rural mass. Sh. Mahbubul Hoque, Chancellor, USTM and Chairman, ERDF had emphasized in a packed audience “it is true that India got Independence in the year 1947 but can we say undoubtedly that our people has got the freedom in the real sense ? The country is still reeling under so many burning problems like illiteracy, poverty, sanitation, malnutrition, health hazards, corruption and the number of problems are multiplied with each passing day. So many welfare schemes aiming to bring benefits for the rural people of India had been announced by the central government. But it is unfortunate that those benefits does not reach to rural India”. While recalling the great sacrifices made by the forefathers, Shri Mabubul Hoque urged “every student of our university must work for our great country. According to him a university should play a vital role in building the society and USTM is leaving no stone unturned in this endeavor. He also told that the students should not only think of getting a degree and leave the university rather they should leave with a mission to serve the society and to address the burning problems of the society. Just as drops of water make an ocean; the effort of the individuals will make our great nation even greater”. In his speech, he referred the recent mishap in UP when at least 35 children had died in a state-run hospital in Gorakhpur allegedly due to the lack of a sufficient oxygen supply in the children’s ward. So the time has come when every individual should come forward to fight against corruption, injustice for the common people and work for the development of the rural people.”- he added.

In the flag hoisting ceremony, amongst others, the dignitaries present were Sh. Mahbubul Hoque, Prof Amarjyoti Choudhury, former Pro-Vice Chancellor, Tezpur University and CV Raman Chair Professor, USTM and Professor H K Barua, Director Academic Affairs ,Regional Institute of Science & Technology (RIST). A large number of students have participated in the day long activities such as Rangoli Competitions, Quiz Competitions and Patriotic Song Competitions etc. Prof Amarjyoti Choudhury in his speech, had also expressed deep concern over the problems that the country is still facing “ we must take a firm resolve to do away with the basic problems that our nation is still facing and we must make a positive effort for that end, not just a lip-service, the students of USTM must contribute in the process of social change that is possible only we will make an united effort”. While Prof. HK Barua reiterated “our institute is displaying the true spirit of unity in diversity of our nation in the North Eastern part of the country since students from all the North Eastern states having diverse cultures, languages are pursuing their education in the institute who are staying together in the campus with love and harmony”.

Towards the later part of the day, the valedictory cum prize distribution ceremony was held which was graced by Prof NK Chaudhury, former Vice Chancellor, Gauhati University who is also the Principal Advisor of ERD Foundation said that the students of RIST and USTM today have displayed an amazing talents by participating in various activities throughout the day. He congratulated the winners and motivated them to become contributors in nation building process of our great country.

The winners of various competitions were: for Song Competition the first and second prize winners were Jesaiya Debbarma (RIST), Arshad Ferdous (USTM), respectively where as the third prize went to Tarik Basar (RIST) and Nihar Kashyap(USTM). In Rangoli Competition the team comprising of Barik Khan, Ashique Hussain and Wasir Lamtor from RIST was the first prize winner, Fareen Saba, Slipi Deka, Pinki Kumari and Supriti Das from RIST was the winner of the second prize and third prize went to Prarthana Devi and Deepam Deori of USTM. The first prize winners in Quiz Competitions were Charrywell Sutnga,Cholarstica Rymbai, Abid Nasim Mazarbhuiya Acacia Mynso; Second Prize winners were Kenhize Tamin, Tengjan S Marak, Masuma Sultana and the third prize winners were Samkyskhu Shullai , Aibansharai L Nongliat and Slaiwod Star Nonglori all from RIST. The winners were awarded with cash awards along with certificates of commendation.