University College of Physiotherapy Launched at USTM

August 17, 2017, USTM, Meghalaya : Realizing the importance of physiotherapy in the modern day world as an essential part of modern healthcare system and a leading method in optimizing recovery and healing process, USTM has launched University College of Physiotherapy today at a gala ceremony in Techno City Campus. Sh. Mahbubul Hoque, Chancellor, USTM and Chairman, ERDF while welcoming the students urged that they must fully utilize infrastructural facilities that this University is providing and in near future many more infrastructural amenities will be made available to them. He also encouraged the students that they have opted for this course and assured them that they will definitely be able to build up their career in this field as lots of job opportunities are lying ahead. He also announced a lot more projects to begin in the techno City Campus which are in the pipeline like Physiotherapy Hospital and Medical College cum Hospital, Yoga Hospital etc.
Prof. Amarjyoti Choudhury, former VC, GU and present C V Raman Chair Professor, USTM, inaugurated this new venture of ERDF and stated “Physiotherapist are experts in improving mobility and motion, and pain-free movement which is crucial for our quality of daily life, pain-free life which in its turn increases life –force, our urge for enjoying a better healthy life. And he emphasized that this University College of Physiotherapy is expected to fulfill the demands of the students who took up physiotherapy as future career option”. “This year, we have started with Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) and we are undoubtedly overwhelmed with the kind of students’ response in terms of enrollment we have received. This will inspire us to begin PG degree courses in the next academic session. Also, the university will introduce very soon courses like Bachelor of Arts in Yoga and Bachelor of Arts in Naturopathy approved and recognized by the Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India” – stated, Anju Hazarika, Registrar, USTM. Sh. Shamim Goney, Dy. Registrar, USTM also mentioned that keeping in mind the need of the time when we all crave for a better immune system and prevent chronic diseases, these two courses, BA in Yoga and BA in Naturopathy will help create awareness as well as placement opportunities for the students of North East”.

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